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Doncaster Experience

One week on and we lay here recovering from the Video Game Market in Doncaster.

Doncaster was our first show of the year and we couldn’t have anticipated the response we received from everyone who had attended.

We met many delightful faces and handed out a ton of flyers. Were you one of the lucky ones to receive a flyer? Tell us in the comments.

As we drove to Doncaster 6am in the morning, we spent our morning setting up our stand. We took the opportunity to talk to fellow traders Retro Collect who were displaying their Sega Megadrive mini console! If you haven’t already, we recommend you have a look.

Our day was eventful, we had a warm response by every person who had visited our stand and we took the opportunity to speak to each and every one our visitors.

We enjoyed our experience that much, we are looking at returning to Doncaster for future dates.

Make sure you look out for Etzeo at a town near you.

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  1. Very excited 😀

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