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Leicester Alcon (Anime League)

For us an event is an special occasion, why?

We get to meet the thousands and thousands of attendees who attend the event and spent time speaking to each and everyone one of you who visit our stall.

Leicester Alcon was no different for us. We saw the reactions you had towards our stall and we loved every moment you gave us.

From the offset there were crowds of people excited, awaiting to enter Leicester Alcon. There were children and adults of all ages and cosplayers who set the trend and mood of the event.

Our favourite cosplay was of Eevee, the costume looked warm and the person inside was very brave to wear such a beautiful costume on a hot sunny day.

With the high standards set by the attendees of Leicester Alcon, us too at Etzeo bought out our A game as we displayed out new range of products and expanded our stall.

We had such a fun time at Alcon, we loved every moment and every discussion we had with each and every visitor that we are sure to attend again next year.

Thank you Leicester for making this making event a special one.

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