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Leamington Spa Comic Con

A event close to home, we attended Leamington Comic Con to showcase our products and Etzeo to our locals. Leamington Comic Con did not disappoint.

Each panel was exciting as the last and each break the attending cosplayers took the time to visit each stall and spend time with attendees taking pictures like the one we posted above.

Ourselves ee showcased our new range, offering more plushies than before! The new Pokémon plushie range were very popular as Pokémon across multiple generations shined the highest amongst fellow Pokémon fans.

We were able to bring some of hottest snapbacks, wallets and keyrings to Leamington. Many of our visitors loved our cardboard Super Saiyan 3 Goku and Majin Buu models we enjoy showcasing.

Many of our visitors shared many laughs with us as we all took turns standing aobve the heater each time the heat blew into the church. It was a cold day but this did not stop the cosplayers and the visitors of Leamington comic con from attending and making the event special.

We cannot wait to attend next year and show our next phase of our evolution.

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