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The Video Game Market Doncaster

A difficult weekend nearly saw us miss The Video Game Market in Doncaster. Why was this weekend difficult?

The storms from the pervious night nearly derailed our chances of reaching Doncaster, luckily for us a 5am early morning drive in slow conditions allowed us to reach Doncaster with an hour and a half spare to set up.

We were tired but we were excited to see the faces of the people of Doncaster who had visited The Video Game Market.

A enjoyable 5 hours of trading allowed us to showcase our new line. We had the 2020 official Banpresto range live out our store that day. It was amazing as we had only had the stock come in a few days before!

With the events going on in the world, we were unsure if Banpresto could fulfil their commitments but we were lucky enough to obtain the new range from Banpresto as promised and showcase them at The Video Game Market Doncaster.

Thank you all who visited for giving us another amazing experience and thank you to those of you had taken the extra minute or so to talk to us about wrestling, anime, video games and more.

We hope to see you all again soon.

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