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Website Update

In hard times we hope you are all safe and quarantining, it is within all our best interest that we follow our governments requirements and ensure we remain within our homes as advised.

At Etzeo it is business as usual, we are open online and we are fulfilling online orders.

Recently you may have discovered slight updates to the site. The site has taken on board many improvements to make your shopping experience a lot easier.

The improvement we have made are the improvements you have suggested to us, from a easier check out process to the a easier on the eye website/navigation.

Whilst we are staying positive and working around the clock to bring you joy within your homes whilst we all quarantine, we too have some disappointing news. Sadly we are unable to see you at conventions this year due to all the conventions we were attending have been cancelled.

This why we are committed to ensure our online experience will give you what you need until we can see you again at the next convention.

Stay safe.

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