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Mobile Site Update

It has been a while since we last posted, we’ve been busy behind the scene, analysing all the data to see where we can improve the Etzeo experience for you.

Our latest enhancements have come to our mobile website. We have been experimenting with various web browsers on mobile devices to see what the Etzeo shopping experience was like.

We had come across a few improvements that worked perfectly on the desktop computer version of Etzeo but could be improved on the mobile version of Etzeo.

What did we change?

  • We have removed the floating cart and implemented a static cart amongst the my account and search functionality
  • The Facebook likes graphic has been removed from the footer, the site will load quicker on mobile devices than before
  • Search by category (in the menu) is available on the desktop version of the website only, the mobile version will return in a future update
  • When viewing a product the price point has been centralised, the spacing between the quantity and add to cart has been improved to make it easier to navigate using a touch screen device
  • The affiliate and contact us page is available on the desktop version of the website, these two options have been removed from the mobile version of the website due to user experience reasons

We hope you enjoy the new improved experience on your mobile devices.

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